1. Wil Bolton
    London, UK
  2. Ashlar
    Liverpool, UK
  3. The Sly and Unseen
    Halifax, UK
  4. Tegh
    Tehran, Iran
  5. Federico Durand
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  6. Isnaj Dui
    Halifax, UK
  7. Danny Clay
  8. The Inventors of Aircraft
  9. Porya Hatami
    Sanandaj, Iran
  10. Stuart Bowditch
    Southend On Sea, UK
  11. David Newlyn
  12. Antonymes
    Hawarden, UK


hibernate Halifax, UK

Inspired by the unpredictable, momentary and quiet solitary beauty of the Pennine moors, hibernate began releasing music in 2009. Our approach is both abstract and melodic but always with a hint of melancholy. Using thoughtful and careful packaging, we release limited edition CD, vinyl LP and 3″ CDr plus we also put on the occasional gig too. ... more

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